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Longview Inventory

702 Commerce Ave. Longview WA, 98626

**We do our best to keep our inventory up to date, inventory is subject to change at any time**

Please call or email if you are interested in a building!

6x8 Chicken Coop #Q698

6’3’’ walls, 3ft barn door, 2-24x27 windows, 1- 2 tier Roosting Ladder, 1-small chicken door/ramp, 4 nesting boxes, and painted trim

Cash- $4,120

10x16 Single Slope #Q630

Black Roof, Clay, Beige Trim

2- 3x3 windows, 3- 10x35 horizontal windows


Cash- $7,135

8x12 Lofted Barn #Q555

Black Roof, Rosemary Green, White trim


Cash- $5,140

10x16 Lofted Playhouse #Q598

Black Roof, Rustic Red, White Trim

Playhouse Package


Cash- $8,215

10x12 Lofted Barn #Q291

7ft walls, 4ft single door, 3/4'' flooring, 2x6 floor joist

Cash- $6456.00

10x16 Cabana #Q789

8ft walls, 2 benches

Cash price $7,925.00

10x16 Utility #A4453

6ft 3in walls, 4ft barn door, 2- 2x3 windows

Cash- $6,465.00

10x20 Lofted Barn #A3818

Charcoal Roof, T1-11

7ft walls, 2-3x3 windows


Cash Price: $8,840

12x14 Lofted Barn #A3818

8ft walls, 2-2x3 windows

Cash- $9,140.00


12x20 Utility Playhouse #P5621

Black Roof, Barn White, Gap gray Trim

Cash - $10,470.00

12x20 Utility Playhouse #P5622

Black Roof, Barn White trim, Gap gray

Cash - $10,470.00

12x24 Lofted Playhouse #Q567

Black Roof, Barn White trim, Gap gray

Playhouse Package

Cash - $13,295

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