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  • Free delivery and easy setup within 30 miles.


  • No site preparation necessary if site is no more than 3 feet out of level.


  • Customer has the responsibility to decide if ground conditions are unsuitable for delivery. We are not responsible for yard damage.


  • Site must be accessible by truck and trailer.

  • Drivers can supply blocks for an additional charge. Free Delivery covers one trip up to 30 miles one way.


  • Trips over 30 miles are subject to a $3.50/mile (8ft & 10ft wide), $4/mile (12ft wide), $5/mile (14ft & 16ft wide) charge one way. Free setup includes leveling the building, starting with one corner at ground level and raising it up to a maximum of 3 feet. If leveling requires 1 foot or less, pressure treated wood may be used. Otherwise, customer may supply concrete blocks which are placed on top of the ground, or we can supply concrete blocks for $3.50 each.


  • In very rare cases, underground footers may be required by local building codes. Old Hickory Sheds does not offer digging or footer services and these are not included in free set up, however we can work with customer or contractor when required for an additional cost.


  • Please contact your local Building Inspector and/or Homeowner’s Association for information on requirements and restrictions. The customer will be responsible for the mileage charge as well as the cost of any additional trips.


 BOS has a 10% charge paid separately to the builder at the time of installation for standard builds.


•  Half the cost of the building is due at time of order. Old Hickory does charge 3% for using a card. Cash, check, money order, and such will not receive a fee.


•  All remaining balances due are to be paid when the BOS crew arrives to the job site prior to the unloading of any material. They .do not accept cards.


•  The footprint of the shed must be within 3 FEET of level to proceed with the job. If the job site is not level, talk to the builder about the number of blocks that will be needed.


•  There must be 3 FEET of space all the way around the shed that is level for the builders to build the shed. No shed can be built closer than 3ft to fences, buildings, trees, or other objects.


•  The builder must be able to get a one-ton truck and 30ft trailer within 300ft of where the shed will be built. There must be safe. legal parking. There must be a corridor of 4ft wide and 8ft tall to get material to jobsite.


•  There must be an adequate power source to run tools.


•  If these requirements cannot be met, please contact the builder for applicable fees.


•  All BOS sheds will come with a wooden floor, unless noted in the original order form.


•  T1- 11 buildings will come unstained, LP smart panel buildings will come primed.

Rent To Own

  • Old Hickory has two different lengths of time for rent to own, 36 & 60 months. Each has a 90 days same as cash.


  • The 90 days does not start until the shed is delivered.


  • There are NO credit checks.


  • The security deposit for sheds (excludes animal shelters) are as follows:

  • a. 8ft &l0ft wide buildings- $100 + first months rent

  • b. 12ft wide buildings- $300 + first months rent

  • c. 14ft wide buildings- $1000 + first months rent

  • d. 16ft wide buildings- $1500 + first months rent

  • 5. The references used can be related, but must a different phone number from the customer.

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